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Welcome to Show~Lie~Mad~Sexual. This is our little roleplaying community filled with our little creations in the form of Jrockers. Ill behavior (such as causing ooc arguments and tension or causing too many problems in the plot, etc.) will not be tolerated. You will receive a warning the first time, and the second time, you're out. We go by the two strike system. We also require that you know your character that you want to play. We do not want to see a Kyo acting like someone from Morning Musume, etc. But aside from that, we want everyone to have fun.

In this rpg, all the jrockers, voice actors, and so on (ASIANS not american) live in an apartment building owned by Kaoru. Strange, wonderful, scary, erotic, and exciting things happen in this building at all times of the day. And to add to the fun, the laundry room is haunted.



This is the apartment they all live in. It's nice, in a good location in Tokyo, and is spacious. It's a five story apartment complex with 38 rooms to each floor. So you all get to enjoy it. After you post your application, you'll receive your room number.

And to make things happy, here is the site of goodness where the REAL apartment complex can be found and more pictures.

THESE APARTMENTS ARE SET UP FOR ONE-PERSON ACCOMMODATIONS. Only one person to each apartment. If you want someone to live together, the apartments will have to be joint-apartments if they are not a couple. Even then, couples cannot be formed before being in the community. Everyone must start out in their own apartments.

Yet on the first floor, there is a bar which takes up rooms 1 and 2. Then there is a gym that takes up rooms 3, 4, and 5. The pool room takes up rooms 6, 7, and 8. There is also a bathroom in the pool room where people are able to shower and go to the sauna.
And across the street, for useful purposes ^_~, there is a drug store. The name of the drug store is Neko 脈 (pulse). It's a happy store with all your needs aside from... guns and the like. That store is further down the street...


You can play as multiple characters, but for the first month you are part of the community, you can only have one. So as you will have more time to role play and get a feel for the community.

To request to play as a character, you must get a specific journal for your character and post the following information in both your character's journal along with the community journal:

Your Name:
Your Email:
Your Journal (opt.):
Character's Band:
Character's lj Name:
Character's Yahoo Name:
Character's AIM Name:
Sample Post (put in lj-cut):

Floor (1-5):
Inside of Apartment:
Contents of Fridge:
Contents of Hall Closet:
Contents of Nightstand:
Lives With:
Sleeps With:


Mods' Emails:

Character Rules

1. Once a character is claimed, you are not permitted to play as that character. Deceased jrockers are NOT to be played. To go with this, original characters will NOT be accepted at this community. We want as much jrock/jpop interation to happen. Also, anyone can play as the ghost that haunts the laundry room (the ghost is the only original character).

2. You cannot play as a character that is not yours (unless the person playing as that character gives you permission)

3. I will say this once more. Know your character.

4. This is just more of a reminder to not forget to add all the character's journals to your friends list.

5. This should really go without saying but it's come to the point where it's been ridiculous and I have to. Please update your journal at least once every few weeks. Don't join if you don't think you will be able to do it. Failure to do so will result in getting your character revoked.

6. Roleplays will be posted in the community journal.

7. This roleplay will be for friends only. Except for the posts in the community.

Now, this leads us to the taken characters...

Taken Characters

Fifth Floor (153-188)


Character: Kaoru - Dir en grey~MOD~
Character's lj Name: somethingkaoru
Character's Yahoo Name: Evil_Is_An_Art
Character's AIM Name: BerryKaoru
Room #: 172

Character: Die - Dir en grey
Character's lj Name: x_daisuke_x
Character's Yahoo Name: Babyleper69
Character's AIM Name: PinkPsychoSpider
Room #: 168

Character's Name: Tomoko Kawase -Tommy February6, Tommy Heavenly6, Brilliant Green
~*Hiatus Until Vacations From School*~
Character's lj Name: heavenly_6
Character's Yahoo Name: y0mi_nightmare
Character's AIM Name: Hikari Galaxee
Room #: 178

Character: Kirito/ Shinya Murata - Pierrot
Character's lj Name: yuuyamisuicidex
Character's Yahoo Name: Dark_Moon04
Character's AIM Name: EmbryoDIE
Room #: 175

Fourth Floor (115-152)


Character's Name: Aoba Ren - Lin Clover/ex-Gackt Job
Character's lj Name: pandas_n_fish
Character's Yahoo Name: yellow_yellow_x2
Character's AIM Name: petthecatboy
Room #: 123

Character: seek - Psycho le Cemu
Character's lj Name: psycho_tengu
Character's Yahoo Name: n/a
Character's AIM Name: Seek is PSYCHO
Room #: 134

Character: Yu~ki - Ex malice Mizer, Ze:ro
Character's lj Name: spooky_yuki
Character's Yahoo Name: darksidepocky
Character's AIM Name: nekoperfect
Room #: 120

Character: Kamijo - Lareine
Character's lj Name: imageden
Character's Yahoo Name: azurefleur
Character's AIM Name: chibisweetie
Room #: 116

Third Floor (77-114)


Character: Kyo - Dir en grey~CO-MOD~
Character's lj Name: kyo_obscure
Character's Yahoo Name: Kyo_Obscure
Character's AIM Name: SpookyTestament
Room #: 109

Character's Name: Toshiya - Dir en grey
Character's lj Name: le_hot_totchi
Character's Yahoo Name: Wrist_x_Cut_X_Show
Character's AIM Name: CandyxWhorxe
Room #: 110

Character: Kana - Solo
Character's lj Name: pandaloveme
Character's Yahoo Name: poison_circulates
Character's AIM Name: klischeehaft
Room #: 104

Character: Camui Gackt - Gackt
Character's lj Name: gackt_camui_73
Character's Yahoo Name: gackt_camui_73
Character's AIM Name: MSCG73
Room # 79

Character: Koyasu Takehito - solo/seiyuu
Character's LJ Name: _empty_dream_
Character's Yahoo Name: evil_is_an_art
Character's AIM Name: BerryKaoru
Room # 82

Character: Gara - Merry
Chracter's lj Name: violet_hedonist
Character's Yahoo Name: n/a
Character's AIM Name: Poptard Hime
Room # 77

Second Floor (39-76)


Character: Kyouka - Chaos System(Ex-Cupid, Ex-Aliene Ma'Riage)
Character's lj Name: kyoka_is_sexxxy
Character's Yahoo Name: psychopathic_feather_fetish
Character's AIM Name: KyokaIsGod
Room #: 50

Character:Honma Kiyoshi (Hide with Spread Beaver/Machine/Lucy)
Character's lj Name: dizzy_dog
Character's Yahoo Name:
Character's AIM Name: Vanishinglie
Room #: 49

Character: Shiina Ringo (solo)
Character's lj Name: _sinful_fruit_
Character's Yahoo Name: n/a
Character's AIM Name: ManaXChocolate
Room #: 39

First Floor (1-38)


Character: Jui - vidoll
Character's lj Name: waisetsu
Character's Yahoo Name: n/a
Character's AIM Name: waisetsuxningyou (fishy pincushion if other doesn't work)
Room #: 10

Character: Hayashi Yoshiki - X Japan, VioletUK: Producer - Yoshiki
Character's lj Name: kissmas_thorn
Character's Yahoo Name: ani_mai_toll
Character's AIM Name: ani_mai_toll
Room #: 24

The Laundry Room


Character: Isabella ( Isabella no bishounen )
Character's lj Name: bishie_isa
Character's Yahoo Name: isabella_no_bishounen
Character's AIM Name: Fxxx Me Dancing

Reserved Characters

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