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Your Name: Rina
Your Email: youkai_outlaw@yahoo.com
Character: Sakurai Atsushi
Character's Band: BUCK-TICK
Character's lj Name: testy_travesty
Character's Yahoo Name: n/a
Character's AIM Name: taintedxXxpoison
Finally stepping over the threshold of his door, the ebony haired man glanced around slowly, taking in the different aspects of his new living quarters and getting used to the feel of it. After the few wasted moments in admiring the apartment from the doorway, Atsushi stepped inside, closing the door behind himself and slipping out of his shoes. He moved past the blood red sofa, dumping the bag that hung over his shoulder beside it and settling onto the comfortable bit of furniture in a relieved manner. A silent sigh slipped out past pale lips and Atsushi finally allowed his shadowed eyes to fall shut, blocking out the world as he slipped into the comfort of another reality in the darkness of his own eyes. It was another few minutes before Atsushi’s eyes fluttered open once more, heavy lids lifting reluctantly as he gazed at the table in front of him.

“Time to get settled in..”

He said as motivation to his less than willing body, pushing up and away from the surprisingly comfortable sofa he’d pleasantly buried himself in. It would be some time before the dark haired musician would allow himself to escape into the soothing realm of slumber.

Floor (1-5): 2
Inside of Apartment: Pale colored walls fill the apartment, dark grey borders giving a nice contrast to each room. The rooms with carpeted floors are the same dark shade as the borders, the furniture a range of blood colored shades and pale, off-white pillows. Dark mahogany is the woodwork of choice throughout the apartment, from the elegantly carved coffee table in the living room, to the frame and headboard of the bed. The bed sheets are satiny ebony, a multitude of crimson and off-white pillows littering the head of the bed in random patterns.
Contents of Fridge: Plenty of leftovers from both ordered and home cooked meals, butter, milk, eggs, and an array of drinks, from sake to strawberry soda. About half the silverware—minus the knives—are stashed in the door of the fridge along with a box of cereal.. because it tastes better that way..
Contents of Hall Closet: Extra towels, extra slippers (they’re comfy..), extra hair products.. for emergencies, an unused bathrobe, and unused pillows.
Contents of Nightstand: Hair brush, two or three random books that he currently has an interest in, random things (clips, slips of paper, a pencil, two pens, and a small bag of feathers), and buried under all that at the back of the drawer, a box of condoms, lube, handcuffs, and blindfolds.
Lives With: No one but the occasional curious visitor, because he can’t resist a cute face despite all his attempts.
Sleeps With: Alone.. unless that same cute faced whoever happens to have a good reason for not being able to sleep alone.

Likes: Fluffy things, stuffed toys (he’ll never admit to this), and other realities.
Dislikes: Birds and bees, chips and most junk food.
Comments: He likes having mood swings.. and can act bipolar..

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