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Koyasu leaned in the seat he currently occupied, humming softly to himself as he skimmed over his script for the new anime soundtrack he was hired for.

Kirito was sitting in another seat, reading a book. It was a different view from sitting in his apartment. With his legs crossed he continued to read on.

Koyasu glanced up, seeing rather fine pants. He let his eyes wander up higher, smile coming to his lips. "Ahh... what are you reading?" he inquired softly.

Taking his eyes off his reading material. Kirito raised a brow slightly then answered "The art of war..." he said softly.

He made a soft sound, nodding some. "I hear it's very good."

"It's very intriguing...." he went back to reading his book.

Koyasu stood, pocketing his script in his back pocket. His eyes wandering over the other's form. "... is it in story form or historical?" he asked, standing closely to him before squatting down, his hands on the other's knees.

Kirito placed his book onto his lap and looked at the other. He cleared his thoart then placed at hand onto his cheek. " Historical...your name?"

"Koyasu," he said softly, a light purr coming to his tone. He leaned forward, hands caressing up the other's legs to knead lightly at the flesh.

"I see. An do you put your hands on everyone you meet, Koyasu?" He stared at that hand that was now touching his leg.

"Not everyone," he said, keeping his hands where they were.

"Oh so only people that you think you can get into bed on the same day?" He said cool manner. As he gave a seductive look towards Koyasu.

"I only touch the one's i think are the most attractive," he said, his eyes clouding some with his lust as he slipped his hands up higher.

"Mhm...so we have the same qulaties(sp) but..." He stopped his hand from going any higher. " I am not in the mood to play."

Koyasu stared for a moment, allowing his hands to fall back down but stop at his knees. "And when may I ask, will you be in the mood to play?"

"Maybe when I feel like it. Can you accept that?" He licked his top lip and smiled.

"... perhaps.." He licked his own lips, letting his hands fall away from the other's knees. "What's your name?" His hands tugged some at the other's pant legs.

"Well perhaps will not work..you will have to wait and Kirito is my name." He said softly before bringing his hand down to rest on his book.

Koyasu watched the other, eyes taking in details before he looked back to his face. "Ah... Well, Kirito... when you're in the mood, give me a call." He pulled out his business card, slipping it under the cover of his book.

He stood, stretching and brushing his pants off as he pulled out his script and went towards the stairs. "Catch you later."

"Mhm...see you." He took the buisness card and simply went back to his book.
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