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Kirito & Koyasu: PG-13

[[OOC - this happened soon after Gara left Koyasu's apartment ]]

Koyasu plopped down on his couch, yawning some before stretching out and laying down on it. 'Time for a nap...' he thought to himself. He rolled onto his side, looking at the black screen of the t.v. before closing his eyes.

Kirito looked at the card once again as he picked up the phone. His fingers moved over the buttons to dial Koyasu's number. Kirito now listened to it ring.

The moment the phone rang, he sat up quickly. He rubbed his eyes and answered the phone. "Koyasu speaking."

"..Koyasu...Kirito desu." He said in a soft voice as his hand held onto the phone more.

He shifted, sitting up straighter. "Ah... Kirito. Are you in the mood to play now?" he questioned.

"...Not yet but maybe soon, don't worry..it will be worth your while." He smirked to himself as he sat back as he crossed his legs. " Now be a good boy and wait for the right moment."

Koyasu frowned some but couldn't help licking his lips. "And how long do you suppose I'll have to wait?"

"Until I am ready...is that a problem?" He said that in a serious tone.

"No... not at all," he said softly.

" I am glad you understand." His voice returned back to his normal voice. " An when I mean be a good boy. I mean not to touch anyone else...until I am ready. If you do then I won't play with you." his voice sounded sad when he said that.

Koyasu furrowed his brows, shifting some. "And how will you know that I have touched anyone else?"

"Now if I told you that then I would be letting you know more than I needs to be known at this moment. I can tell..been awhile hasn't Koyasu?" He purred that last statement out.

He shifted, frowning some as his brows furrowed. "... so in order for any sexual contact from you, I must refuse myself from others?"

"Yes..but you don't have too, you can do as you please but it's your desicion. I can't control your mind..dear Koyasu." He really didn't think Koyasu would accept this for Kirito didn't think he was the type to wait. So he was going to test him.

Koyasu licked his teeth, silent for a moment. "Alright. I'll wait."

"Temptation is great....don't disappoint me. " once again his tone was serious but he chuckled at the end.

"I can handle myself," he stated.

"We will see. I will talk to you another time. Ja" he said before placing the phone back onto the base.

Koyasu stayed at the phone for a moment before laying it back in the cradle. "... This better not be more than a few days," he mumbled.
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