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Just joint!

Your Name: chie
Your Email:
Your Journal (opt.): azure_love
Character: Kamijo
Character's Band: Lareine
Character's lj Name: imageden
Character's Yahoo Name: azurefleur

Floor (1-5): 4th floor

Sample post:
"So-fa... no, wait, maybe so-fe is better." Kamijo murmured to himself as he erases the note he just marked on the music. Then once again, he repeats the whole phrase on the piano. A smile appears on his face when he heard the melody. He is satisfied with what he comes up with. "I know my dearest fleur will like it if I put the guitar solo right here..." All of sudden, he heard the phone rings. It forces Kamijo to stop his work because it will not hang up as he wishes. He walked to the side table next to the sofa and pick up the receiver, "Moshi moshi? Mayu?" The caller sounds so worried and urges Kamijo to double check the demo record was saved in his computer. "Wait for a second, let me check. By the way, remind me to ask the technical group to get the official homepage update. I’ve got a few..." Just as he was double-clicking the mouse to open up a folder, the electricity went out. All the machines were turned off and the phone was cut off. Looking around the apartment in the dark, he knows this is the result of forgetting to pay the electricity bill. "Opps..."

Inside of Apartment: Basically artificial roses and papers everywhere in the living room. In front of the sofa sets, the coffee table always full of stuff and almost entirely covered by music and Applause Record documents. There are different decorations such as arts, souvenir from trips and finished puzzles hanging on the wall. A work-only computer, some machines and two guitars are near the TV and stereo sets which is linked to the TV. On the floor in front of TV is the TV game system. The strategy guide is all the way lying on the end of the sofa on top of the lace cushion which Mayu sew him for birthday. (OOC: I don’t think a boy will want to sew unless he wants to make his own cosplay and gothic & Lolita costumes, but let’s pretend Mayu went crazy one day and decided to do that when he was fixing his own costume ^^|||) His piano locates on the other side of the living room near the dinning table. In the bedroom, there is a full size bed. There is a nightstand on one side of the bed and a bunny cage on the other side, with fans letters everywhere near the cage. Across the bed is the computer desk against the wall. He put some tiny little flowers and memo papers on the side of the flat monitor of his play-only computer. A couple of them are cute messages that members wrote him. All sorts of junk ended up on the desk are still laying there. For the board he hang on the wall, is full of photos, postcards, and purikura, with a tiny, little bear he got from the package of a random junk food Emiru had. A stereo set is installed in the desk too, and currently playing Ueto Aya’s CD.

Contents of Fridge: A bottle of protein drink, a few cans of coke and coffee, some ice cream, milk, a pint of apple juice Mayu left, some cooking ingredients like meat, of course some cheese, butter, and eggs too. Also two chocolate bars hidden somewhere in the fridge that Emiru left since his last visit.

Contents of Hall Closet: Everything from towels to bed sheets to extra soft drinks, to cleaning supply and a vacuum at the bottom. He’s actually proud of the fact he could fit all the stuff in it.

Contents of Nightstand: A lamp, alarm clock, a dream note book, remote control of the stereo, lotion, cell phone, potpourri oil burner. There are more stuff in the drawers.

Lives With: a little bunny that named John

Sleeps With: A plushie that a fan made, John often sleeps on his pillow

Likes: Roses, John, eel, TV games, playing piano, fans letters and presents, elegant clothes, pasta, spending time with friends in café, polite people, being prince-like

Dislikes: Beer (though he’ll take a few sips on stage), horror movies, rude people, he is too lazy to cook so he’ll consider he hates cooking

Comments: His famous line is “Bonjour honey~”. He is an easy going and funny man and seems to go along well with everyone in the building. He is forgetful and often forgot weather he paid his bills or not. He would scream if he unexpectedly saw a horror movie trailer, so if one heard his scream, he know what happened. He seemed like he has a crush on Machi, but who knows who will he ended up with.
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Welcome welcome ^^ Kamijo's apartment numbe shall be #116 ^^ Enjoy!
((Oh my goodness, are you the Chie that was with me at the Phantasmagoria concert? The one that gave me food!? I remember you saying you really liked Kamijo so I'm guessing this is you! :O))

Belle C. <3
Hee hee~~~ little chie is roleplaying as super cuter Kamijo here, are you really joinning as Emiru?? *^^*
((I am going to do what I can, dear! ^^ <3 <3 I want to, though. Kamijo can have a little buddy. :P ))
Yes!!! Kamijo kind of need a buddy! ^^