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Jui and Kao

The guitarist shifted, rubbing at his eyes for a moment before licking his lips and taking a bite of the cake. 'Where is Jui?' he questioned himself as he glanced over to the clock.
2:35 PM
Jui came back into the apato a little while later. He'd taken a trip to buy some things, though on the way had been sidetracked, someone else having requested his assistance in moving into their apato. Luckily, that time, it hadn't ended in any unfortunate means--though he was still returning fairly late.
2:40 PM
Kaoru turned around, fork in his mouth before he dropped it to the plate and watched Jui move more into the apato. "Where have you been?" he asked, frowning some as he eyed Jui.
"I was helping someone with their things," he replied flatly, seemingly annoyed by Kaoru's apparent suspicion of him and his wareabouts. "Why?" he then moved to the kitchen, intent on getting something to drink.
"I was worried about you. You said that you wouldn't be gone long," he said, his brows furrowing some but his expression softening.
2:45 PM
"You don't have to worry about me everytime I go out," he replied, returning then with a glass, he sipping from it before seating himself at the edge of the couch. "I can take care of myself."
Kaoru frowned some and sat back right on the couch, picking up the half eaten cake. "Want the rest of this?" he asked, smiling some as he offered up the cake. "I made it today."
"No, thanks," he replied with a little wave of his hand. "I'm not hungry... but I'll have some later," that being the truth, stated with a curt nod. He didn't seem to be in a great mood, probably due to their practice running late and the like, as well as the other recent events which still got under his skin.
The smile dropped and he nodded some. "Ah, alright. Do you want me to make you a lunch for your practice tomorrow?" he asked, standing up.
2:55 PM
Jui shook his head, reaching out and grabbing onto Kaoru's hand, drawing him back toward him. "Iie~ I don't want you to do anything."
Kaoru remained unsmiling, just looking at him. "Why not?"
Jui's own expression faltered at that. "Because I'd like to spend some time with you when you aren't bustling about doing things?"
A light blushed came to his cheeks. "... We could spend more time together if you'd hadn't have taken your time getting home," he said with a light frown. "Now let me clean up the kitchen and then we can spend time together."
3:05 PM
Jui frowned at that, though released Kaoru--albeit begrudgingly. "Fine." he leant back where he sat, averting an annoyed gaze.
Kaoru went into the kitchen, cleaning the plate off of the cake and putting it in the dishwasher. Once done, he wrapped up the cake so it wouldn't dry and went back into the family room. "What do you want to do?"
3:10 PM
Jui shrugged, plucking at the frayed threading of his shirt. "I don't know, did you have anything in mind? Since I seemed to have impeded your plans today."
3:15 PM
He frowned some. "Don't act like that, Jui."
3:20 PM
"Act like what? Since I haven't been here and it's obviously my fault, we should do what you wanted." Not that he had anything in mind, anyway--but the last thing he wanted for bothering to be nice to someone and after a long day was being scolded for not arriving home on time.
"I wanted to do something earlier!" he said, frowning deeply. "I told you before you left that I wanted to do some things together with you today. And then you take forever to get home. It's obvious that YOU have something on your mind."
"Well I'm SORRY that I have no choice but to attend band practice every once in a while, and I'm SORRY that I thought MAYBE I could be the slightest bit SOCIAL for once. I'll be sure not to do it again!" Jui lifted himself with a sound of indignation, the anger now welling within him signalling to him that it would be a good time to leave, before he ended up hurting Kaoru, somehow.
"I said for after band practice! What the hell! If you wanted to be social, you can. All you had to do was call me so I didn't think you were in the hospital because you got hit or something!"
3:25 PM
Jui exhaled sharply and stepped forward, taking Kaoru's collar harsh within his grasp and drawing the other close to himself. "You shouldn't be complaining," a low growl then, something that hadn't been heard for some time though that signified trouble more often than not.
Kaoru was surprised for a moment before he became angry as well. "I have every right to complain. I'm treating you better than you treated me when Yoshiki fucked me when I had said no and you wouldn't believe me!" he shouted, pushing himself away from Jui with a harsh shove to the vocalist's chest.
3:30 PM
"Kaya didn't fuck me half as many times as Yoshiki did you. I haven't gone back to him, either, have I?! And I didn't fuck Shiina Ringo in the pool and come home boasting about it!" He returned that shove, his own harder and making use of his nails. "I haven't involved myself in any threesomes lately, either! And yet I'm still here while you've done all of them, aren't I?!"
"What threesome?" he questioned. He moved away from Jui, knowing he was right but not wanting to admit to it. "I apologized to you and I stopped seeing all of them. "
3:35 PM
"As if the time I showed up at Yoshiki's and you were so obviously getting into it with those two was nothing.." Jui almost laughed, though it was a bitter sound. "You shouldn't have been seeing them in the first place, though! That's the point, Kaoru! You apologize, but it doesn't mean anything when you go back! It's only worse because you know you're being lied to AND that there's someone else--in my case, more than one. What I did to you-- what I can't even REMEMBER --isn't much fucking compared to that. So don't. Complain. If I'm fucking late. At least it's not because I was out fucking someone else." And even this only made him angrier, thinking back to the aformentioned instances, through which he'd kept quiet for the most part.
Kaoru withdrew, backing down since he knew he was wrong. "... all right," he said quietly. He bent down some, picking up the remote and turning the tv off. He turned his back, going towards the bedroom to grab his laptop and a few things.
3:40 PM
"What are you doing?" flatly then, he moved after Kaoru without hesitation. If the other planned to leave, Jui had no intent of allowing it.
"I'm going to my sister's," he responded in the same tone. He grabbed a few shirts and pants from his drawer as well as underwear. "You're obviously pissed at me and it seems my presence only irritates you more... so I'll go away for a few days," he said. He slipped on a pair of his shoes that he had had in the closet, not caring about socks as he grabbed his jacket and zipped up his bag.
"No," he stated simply. "You're not going anywhere. You reap what you sow. I've been here this whole time; you're not running away." he moved to stand behind Kaoru, not doing anything yet.
"I don't have to stay if I don't want to," he said, frowning as he side stepped when he felt Jui behind him.
3:45 PM
"You're mine. Or have you forgotten that since I've been easy on you for so long?."
"I'm not your property, Jui," he grated out and moved past him to go to the door.
Jui lifted a hand, setting it firmly against Kaoru's shoulder as the other started forward before he gave him a harsh shove back. "You are."
Kaoru stumbled, surprised for a moment before he managed to regain his balance. "I am not," he said. He pushed his way forward again, wanting to leave.
3:50 PM
"You used to have to beg me, Kao... should we revert to that, again? I didn't carve my name into you for nothing; you've admitted to being mine and even if you hadn't you couldn't leave." he stared hard at Kaoru's back, moving closer and taking hold of the other's upper arm, where he gripped hard.
He winced, biting on his bottom lip. He had forgotten that Jui had carved his name in his flesh. "... I forgot," he stated. "Maybe you should too."
3:55 PM
And those words stung Jui, but he ignored it.. focusing on his anger, instead. His hold on Kaoru's arm tightened and he moved forward, himself, pressing close to the unwilling guitarist. "It looks like I'll have to remind you where you stand -- or kneel. . ."
Kaoru shuddered, breathing heavily before jerking his arm free and walking down the hall. "I want you out of my apartment when I come home in three days."
Jui's eyes lidded somewhat, Kaoru unknowingly only giving him more incentive to act upon his anger. If there was nothing else, after all, why shouldn't he have? The vocalist started forward, an unreadable expression upon his face until he rounded again upon Kaoru in the hall--having moved swiftly, he took hold of the guitarist's shoulders and slammed him firmly against the wall.
4:00 PM
He gasped when his back came in sharp contact to the plaster, wincing as he stared at him. His hand flexed, dropping his bag down as he stared at Jui. "Let go," he growled.
"Why? Why don't you want me? I know that you enjoy it, even when I'm rough.. so what makes me so disgusting?" he didn't let go, instead slowly dragging his nails over Kaoru's fabric covered chest.
Kaoru shuddered, staring at Jui. "Because you're mad at me. Remember what you did the last time? I do. Now let me go to my sister's until you cool off."
6:15 PM
"It's not like that this time," he replied flatly, leaning closer to murmur headily into Kaoru's ear. "You used to say you didn't want it, but you always liked it in the end.." now focused on getting Kaoru back on his good side as the last thing he wanted was to be kicked out.
He frowned, shoving Jui away from him. "I don't want to have sex with you right now! I want to go to my sister's, got it?"
6:20 PM
"No-one said anything about sex," he growled out, hauling himself back up and drawing an arm back only to land a fist hard against Kaoru's side.

Kaoru gasped before clenching his teeth together and holding still. "What was that for?" he questioned, his arm snaking to hold his side.
"For you continuing to assume that all I ever want is sex." he replied darkly, glaring as he lifted a hand to point toward the bedroom. "Go and put away your things. You aren't leaving."
6:25 PM
"I am leaving!" he shouted, holding tight to his side.
Jui emitted a frustrated growl and hefted up Kaoru's bag, proceeding to chuck the thing hard into the living room before rounding upon Kaoru with fists clenched. "I'm not your fucking toy, and you aren't going to play with me anymore." Another punch, this one delivered to Kaoru's gut. "And you're going to fucking do what I say!"
Another loud gasp left Kaoru's lips and he hunched down some, doubling over as he wrapped his other arm to press against his gut. "... You... were never my toy, you ass," he wheezed.
6:30 PM
"More than you'd know. I've been devoted to you this whole time-- more than my band or anything else I care about. And you're going to leave so easily -- you think I won't do anything to keep you here, even if it doesn't mean anything to you? Maybe I'm worthless to you, I wouldn't know--but then what other way am I going to do anything about it than assuring you won't leave?!" he grabbed onto the back of Kaoru's shirt, yanking him back toward the bedroom then.
The guitarist stumbled forward, following after the man without much of a choice as he was still trying to catch his breath. "You mean a lot to me, Jui."
6:35 PM
"Then explain to me how the fuck you show it, because up until now it seems that all the good I've done you is sex. This moment that something goes wrong, you're ready to kick me out--well fine, I'll go! But I'll owe you a lot of fucking sake for the time I've been here, huh?" his tone demanding at that as he pushed Kaoru into the room, stepping in as well and slamming the door behind him.
Kaoru trembled where he stood, staring shocked at Jui. He said nothing, not knowing what could be said. He kept his one arm over his stomach some, not moving.
6:40 PM
"So since I know what importance I have to you now," continuing casually, despite the emotion that now flooded him, "I suppose the sentiment should be returned. But think of it this way-- at least you won't have to worry about bullshitting me, anymore." A pause, and then. "Sit down."

Kaoru sat on the bed, staring at Jui as he continued to tremble. "I... I'll stay," he stammered.
"I don't want pity, I've had enough of that from you. And just because you're a little scared now doesn't mean shit, because I'm going to make sure you stay whether or not you agree to it." he dropped down next to the bed, to retrieve the scalpel he'd initially used to mark Kaoru.
His arms moved from holding his stomach and sides to clutch onto the covers of the bed, his eyes watching everything Jui was doing.
6:45 PM
When Jui rose again that small implement was clutched in hand, rolled between his fingers as he stared at Kaoru. "You forgot who's you were," he said flatly, coldly. "Should I remind you?"
Kaoru quickly shook his head, sitting rigid as he held onto the bed. "No."
6:50 PM
"Should I do worse? If you've even forgotten the proper way to answer me I may have to go through quite a lot with you.." though he didn't sound entirely excited at the concept--rather, indifferent.
He shook his head, not able to get a word out as he stayed how he was, shaking a bit harder now. He breathed heavily, wishing he hadn't pushed anything further on Jui for being late.
"Answer me. Beg. You want me to forgive you, don't you? Or maybe this is what you wanted the whole time; no strings attatched, right?" his weight leant onto the bed, he slowly crawling toward Kaoru, stopping just before him.
6:55 PM
"I.. I'm sorry," he whispered, hardly able to get the words out before clearing his throat. "I shouldn't have said what I said. I didn't mean any of it."
"Now clear something up for me; do you love me or don't you? Because it's been bugging me for quite a while, and I'd rather just get it out in the open now." Though now he was focused upon unbuttoning Kaoru's shirt, it seeming as if he intended to proceed either way.
Kaoru's breath hitched for a moment before clamping his mouth shut. "I.. I love you," he whispered. "I'm sorry... if I suck at showing it."
7:00 PM
"Tell me the truth now, Kaoru. Because this is going to happen whether your answer is yes or no." his own movements stilled as soon as Kaoru's abdomen was exposed to him, his head bowed as he waited for either further confirmation or denial.
"I love you, Jui," he stated and held still.
Jui nodded faintly, though Kaoru's words hadn't seemed to put him at any greater ease. The vocalist shifted, setting the blade against Kaoru's stomach where a line was traced downward then, red blooming beneath the small wedge as it moved.
Kaoru gasped, his stomach caving in and he jerked up on the covers. "J-jui!"
7:05 PM
Jui set a hand against Kaoru's chest, pushing him back. "Should I remind you?" he repeated the earlier question then, as the knife curved with the ease of a pen on paper, cut arching in Kaoru's skin.
He cried out, jerking up on the covers again as he held on tightly. "N-no, Jui-sama," he whimpered.
"Why not?" Though his tone was somewhat quieter, the sight of the blood having an eerily calming effect on him. "Why shouldn't I mark you as mine?"
"It... it hurts," he whimpered as a couples tears slid down his cheeks.
7:15 PM
"You'll like the hurt.." he drew the knife away then, only to set it back, near to the scars that spelled out his name. "You know that I love you. And this is how you can remember it.." he moistened his lips, eyes lighting as he started to carve in again, this deeper.
7:20 PM
Kaoru gasped, wiggling for a brief second before holding still. It hurt. "Itaii!" He bit on his bottom lip after he shouted these words, trying not to feel the pain working its way to fill his body.
7:25 PM
By the time Jui had finished with a purposefully intricate flourish, the bleeding flesh spelling out his name over the last, the smaller kanji for love located next to the letters. he trailed his fingertips against the cuts, smearing the blood further over Kaoru's pale skin in silence.
He jerked when the cuts were touched, shivering as he reached and pushed Jui's hand away. "D-don't touch it. It hurts."
Jui took hold of Kaoru's hand that pushed at his own, drawing it upward to trail his tongue against one of the fingers. "Don't tell me what to do, Kao."
Kaoru pulled his hand quickly away from Jui's mouth, shivering as he felt his body tingling.

7:40 PM
"Don't pull away from me, either." The same soft though inherently commanding tone was used, he lifting the bloodied hand of his own now to lap clean.
He held still, looking to the door and tensing but stayed still. "Jui... what else did you carve?" he asked, glancing down only to see blood.
7:45 PM
"... nothing," he murmured idly, as Kaoru was soon to see it anyway. He raked his nails against the other's stomach a final time and then stood, smoothing back his hair, succeeding in streaking the blonde with red as he surveyed the other.
Kaoru reached down with his shaking fingers, managing to trace out the 'love' in the blood. "..." He shifted some, smearing the blood on his own thigh. "... may I get in the shower?"
7:50 PM
Jui shrugged faintly at that as he turned, moving toward the wardrobe to tug down a few articles of his own clothing. "Do what you want," he through for that moment, mentally exhausted and wanting nothing more than to fade off at that point. "Let me have the key to my old apartment before you go."
Kaoru stood, moving towards the door before grabbing his shirt and fixing his pants. He bent down, picking up his bag and going out into the hall, making it as though he was going to the bathroom but went instead tot he front door.
7:55 PM
Jui shook his head faintly and walked out of the room after Kaoru. He removed his key to the other's apartment from his pants pocket and dropped it to the floor where Kaoru could see. "Give me my key and I'll go." Flatly, he not wanting to end up sleeping in the hall again.
"You can stay here," he said, tossing his bag onto the couch. "I'm going out to buy pain killers," he said. "We're out."
"I don't want to stay here."
"You just lectured me about not wanting to stay here!" he snapped, looking to Jui with anger flaring in his eyes.
"You told me you wanted me gone," he countered simply, a vague shrug to accent his statement before he dropped down his clothing, moving to up just his jacket instead and slipping it over his shoulders. "Not the other way around," and unwilling to linger any longer, Jui opened the door and started into the hall, not stopping as he made his way down it.
"Fine!" he yelled out in the hall. He went off into the apartment, returning to throw a key down the hall. "I don't ever want to see you again!" And promptly slammed the door shut and put the dead bolt lock on.

[[ OOC - There's no sex so I guess it's PG-13. It is violent though. I think... i can't remember.]]
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