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Your Name:Nana
Your Email:
Your Journal: occultromance
Character: Kaya
Character's Band: ex. Schwarz Stein
Character's lj Name: silentcreeper
Character's Yahoo Name: don't have one :< gives me spyware. But my MSN is
Character's AIM Name: synthetic dusk
Kaya struggled running up the stairs with a few heavy small boxes of his. Grunting as the thin figured man walked down the hall of his appartment, he felt irritated. This wasn't fair! He did't pay those movers just to drop off his things and leave.. he was paying them to help him too! "ugh..." Kaya was red in the face as the dark curly haired boy set some boxes down in his room, that he had left the door open to so he wouldn't need to bother with opening it to walk in with the heavy belongings. Stumbling into his room, Kaya sat for a moment huffing and puffing about how it angered him that not one person sparred a hand of help. "I hate moving..." He mummbled in a mellowdramatic voice.

Floor (1-5): 4
Inside of Apartment: The apartmner has a rich brown carpetting, with a soft tan (off white almost) tint to the walls. Light black track lights through out the apato, and classy black furniture. In the living room Kaya likes to lay around and relax on his black leather couches and chase lounge chair. Candles spread through out the house and soft black curtains to keep the sun out. Kaya isn't much of a day person. Always on the kitchen table Kaya has some kind of flower wheater its a vace full of orchids, gardenias, or red roses, usually red roses are his preferance. With a very Japanese modern look to it allready, Kaya tries his best to make it look a bit more elegant and in a way have a dark princess look to it. Thre is a strong scent of roses in the apartment, and Kaya often sits alone and entertains himself by reading or writing.

Contents of Fridge: A few soda's..., and some old fast food left overs... not much.

Contents of Hall Closet: Some jackets with fuzzy rimmings pushed to the side, and towels and linens in movable plastic drawers to seperate things. Some black towels and clean bed sheets. That's about it.

Contents of Nightstand: A book and lamp, some sweetly sented hand lotions, because Kaya likes to keep his skin soft and sweet. A glass for water when he gets thirsty at night, and a few hair ties for if he ever ties his hair back.

Lives With: no one and nothing currently.

Sleeps With: A soft down pillow comforter with a black and red satin duvet cover. Lots and lots of soft down feather pillows and a fluffy pillow top queen bed. Kaya usually goes to sleep in night gowns or a black slip of some sort, (he really enjoys the feeling of satin)

Likes: Roses, the color black, fuzzy coats, Lolita dresses, corsets, curly hair, vynil, naughty things... (shh XD), cute kodanas, stuffed animals, elegant looking things, soft fluffy things, cloths, perfumes, some candies, wine, candles,... and a lot of other things yet to be found out <3

Dislikes: Smelly people, annoying boys, people with bad grammar, dirty things, rude people, scary animals, mud, nightmares, gum on the floor... (hard to get off nice shoes)

Comments: Heya, I use to be a member of an RP EXACTLY like this o___o; strange, maybe one of the mods was once in it? Anyway it's dead now so it doesnt matter heehee ^^;; I hope to have fun and you all seem pretty nice, beware of Kaya though he wrecks havock among many, and uses a lot of guys as boy toys D:. XD But yes! *glad to be joining* Thanks!
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