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The day was too freaking long. Too long. Damn him and his promises to produce Hakuei's new album. How stupid could he have been? The man stressed him out with his whining sometimes, but he could live with it. At least he hoped he could deal with it longer. To add insult to injury, he was drinking alone. Which only annoyed him more. No matter, he would get what he usually get when he was here and sit in his corner booth where he was happy. Maybe even get an escort to talk to for the time being. That was out of the question. He didn't feel like talking to some stranger that thought they knew who he was. Alone time was needed right now.

Another day of writing, locking oneself in that stupid studio. Kirito finally took a break just for the time being. He opened the door to the bar and came inside. Looking around just to make sure that no one he knew was here. Looking for a dark corner to take a seat in but no avail, now he was annoyed more than before. Taking a seat at the counter top he order himself a beer.
Kiyoshi took his drink, straight bourbon on the rocks, and headed over to his normal booth. He would be fine after a couple drinks. "You know what…better yet, just give me the bottle while you're at it. I had one hell of a day." He said softly to the bartender. Getting his bottle he nodded and adjusted his sunglasses. Why he was wearing them in such a dark lit building was a mystery to him, but it made him feel better. All he had to do now, was juggle the bottle, ice pail and his glass to his seat. But, he was a guitarist and clumsy if nothing else. It would be a miracle if he could do it without tripping.

Once he order his beer he snorted to himself, Damn Vodka was calling to him but not when he was working in the studio. The dictator was going to stay at the counter top but he got disturbed by some lady who had to much. Although he smirked to himself when she found out that he was gay. The truth would only stay with him for he told everyone that he was homosexual even on interviews. In his own little world thinking how he can push Pierrot more and what else to do on his solo project he started to walk so he could sit alone and far away from that deranged woman.

Kiyoshi slightly heard a conversation between some guy and a woman. "You got some balls kid…" he muttered as he started on his way. Most people were more secretive about their personal endeavors. It wasn't as if he wasn't asked. He didn't mind telling people either, but usually he avoided it after a while. He didn't know if it freaked women out more, or men, but it was safer just to leave it be. Besides, he had sworn off people for a while. His music sufficed. Being on stage gave him more of a rush anyway. But he had to admit sometimes sensual caresses could be comforting sometimes. At least he could handle himself well in that situation….or used to when he was younger.

That Vodka was calling him and he would be damn not to answer it. So he turned around to go back to order a bottle of that instead, yet when he went back towards that direction. A guy with sunglasses caught his eye. Strangly he stared at him for a moment..in his head he said //Sunglasses? That is none of my concern.. but he still stared for the moment before going back to the counter.

Finally sitting down, he finally took a breath. Not a drop spilled. He smiled to himself and took off his glasses. It was darker over here than it usually was over here. Odd, but livable. Taking a sip of his bourbon he sighed and relaxed. Everything was going to melt into that drink thank god. Well, until he got home and his cats started whining about food, and the litter box. To go from one child to two more, how did he handle it so well? Actually it was better than having actually children. That he would never have the patience to do. Besides, with his hours, they would never see him. Wasn't worth it. What was he thinking about kids for anyway? There had to be something else to think about. Like the guy that had no qualms about telling people about his sexuality.

That bottle was held tightly into his black gloved fingers. Ah another table in darkness it suited Kirito well for he could watch everyone from his seat and they would not notice him at all. Once he took a seat he noticed that guy again. He waved his hand in front of him to just get it out of his head. Opening that bottle he took a drink and was pleased to have the taste of liquor he desired.

Kiyoshi poured another glass as he sat back and got comfortable. Being alone drinking wasn't that bad actually. Not bad at all. Taking his eyes from his drink for a moment, he noticed the other male again. He silently laughed to himself and shook his head. Was he watching him? Probably not, it was probably in his head. But he was staring. "Now's not the time Kiyoshi…" He muttered to himself before returning to his drink, which was in dire need of his attention.

Leaning his head back onto the wall, he was starting to relax as the dark surrounding comforted him, he closed his eyes for the moment as a hand went through his black hair. Another potential victim came to speak to him. Which cause him to glare at the man that was now intruding at his table, but then his glare turned into a smile and but this smile was a mischievous one. Leaning forward towards the other man he simply just said to him Your not my type.. which cause his visitor to leave his table. Kirito never cared what people thought and always spoke what was on his mind. Once he was alone he smirked before taking another drink from his bottle.
Half the bottle was gone before Kiyoshi noticed it. How did he end up drinking that fast? He had to admit he was getting good at not paying attention. His friends always had to point that out to him. But it didn't matter did it? He let out a light sigh and pushed his hair out of his face. It was time to let the bottle go. Eventually he would get a call from someone and would have to play the guitar for them at least once tonight. Getting up, he walked up to the bar and handed the bourbon back to the bartender. However, he made one more request after finding out what the young male was drinking. It may have been an odd gesture, but he had intrigued him slightly. He was just as blunt as someone else he knew. Something he found a good trait of people.

Staring at his bottle, he knew he shouldn t drink anymore since he was still working. He then took of one glove to now rest his cheek onto it. Just staring out into the crowd now, he noticed that one wearing sunglasses had left his seat. Why was he continuingly looking towards his direction or why did he curiosity make him wonder who he was. Any matter he was not going to pursue it, simply just close his eyes again to forget everything at this moment.

Nodding at the bartender, one of the waiters started on his way to the other table. Kiyoshi on the other hand, went to answer his phone. Without fail someone had called him in. However, it was for a practice in a couple days for a live show he was performing. That he could handle. At least it wasn't a producing question. Taking a moment to down a glass of water, he went back to his conversation with the bartender.

As the waiter came to his table, with another bottle of vodka. Kirito stared at the waiter, which the young man shook his head as in saying it was not his doing that the gentlemen at the bar order it for him. Getting up from his seat he told the waiter to take him to him. Leaving the drinks onto the table as the waiter showed him to the potential buyer of his new drink.

Kiyoshi laughed lightly as shook his head. There was no way he was going behind the bar. Too much work. Besides, he couldn't mix a drink to safe his life. It didn't help that he had polished off half of his personal stash of alcohol here anyway. He still had his cats to take care of too. God forbid they got upset. He'd lose at least two pairs of his boots. Something he didn't want. Looking back at the table he sent the bottle to, he smirked a bit. Waiter couldn't keep his mouth shut.

The waiter brought Kirito towards the buyer, which turned out to be the man that his mind couldn t stop thinking about, Kirito dismissed the waiter then smirked lightly as he crossed his arms. As he stood next to the other man now. Do you always buy drinks for strangers? his eyes looked cool and relaxed.

"…Only if they catch my attention." He replied softly. There we go Kiyoshi, go ahead and show this guy that you're shy. He could have kicked himself but it was how he spoke sometimes, couldn't blame him for it. He looked at him for a moment as the bartender took his leave from him and went back to his customers. Kiyoshi had to admit, he was even more intriguing close up. For a moment he wanted to push buttons and see if he was as blunt as he thought, but there was a feeling that maybe that would have to wait for a while.

Kirito gave a small smile "Then catching your attention must be hard to do is it?" he placed his finger onto his chin, he was thinking to himself, the other was indeed interesting.

Kiyoshi nodded. "Very hard to do." He watched him slightly realizing that he wasn't paying any real attention to anything else around him. Maybe it was just the alcohol catching up to him. Normally he wouldn't be awake right now anyway.

Why not do something intriguing, Kirito took that ungloved hand and brushed a couple strands out of his face lightly. "Hmmm..and normally I don't take drinks from anyone but this time I will make an exception."

There was a slight confused look about the older male before he nodded and smiled a bit. Wasn't sure how to react to this. It had been a while since he let anyone get that close to him. Especially when he didn't know them. But there wasn't a bad feeling, so there wasn't a problem. "Well, I hope you enjoy it…"

"Thank you..I will. Does the mysterious figure have a name?" slightly surprised that he was interested in this unknown person.

"Honma Kiyoshi…" He answered quietly.

His eyes rose for a moment before a grin spread across his face. "Interesting..." he shifted his weight onto another foot. So he was the famous Honma Kiyoshi, maybe that was why he wore sunglasses, then maybe not he couldn't assume if he didn't know.

Kiyoshi laughed a bit. "Why is it so interesting?" He never thought about his fame, all that mattered was the fact that he did what he cared most about. Which was his guitar. It couldn't hurt asking a name from him either. Yes, he was backward with how he did things sometimes, but it didn't matter. He got what he needed in the end.

"Interesting how I have meet you here and to recieve a drink from you." he was not going to give his name unless it was asked but then again he wouldn't never say his real name for that name was not a part of him. You can say he loathe that name and didn't like anyone calling him that.

"Which means you got lucky to have caught my attention…but I haven't caught your name." He pushed his hair out of his eyes and smiled a bit waiting for an answer.

"Kirito.." he lowered his eyes for a moment to give a more intriging and daring look towards Kiyoshi before he wen back to his normal gaze.

Kiyoshi nodded and looked at the bar for a moment before looking at him again. "Well Kirito, it's nice to have met you. We should talk more one day.."

He nodded " The same..ja" Kirito simply went back to his table to finish his drinks before heading back to the studio.

Kiyoshi smiles to himself. It would be interesting to talk to him again, but it would have to wait. His cats were probably punishing him for not being home yet. "…Kirito…I should look him up. Hakuei probably knows something about him." He said softly to himself as he paid his tab and headed home.
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