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(( OOC: The first part to this RP was completely lost due to a computer crash and email being very unreliable. So in a nutshell kyo called up Shiina and Shiina told him to come over. Kyo is severly depressed by breaking up with Toshiya and Shiina is trying to cheer hiim up. She just made him something to eat since he didn't eat for almost 3 days. *nod nod* ))

Kyo pushed his bowl away, finishing everything since he was so hungry. "that was great Shiina... thanks for everything." He smiled alittle, "I mean it..."

"Thanks." She smiled slightly and grabbed Kyo's dish and silverwear, then loaded up her dishwasher with the contents. She let an impolite yawn escape her lips and rubbed her hazel eyes with tee back of her petite hands. "I think I'm ready for's 12:00 already." She walked back to the table and waited for a reply.

"yeah I guess so..." Kyo turned alittle red looking down at his hands. "I... guess I have a small question... I... I had been thinking... you know after I took care of Ringo and we went to the park..."

"Mhm?" She rubbed her eyes once again and felt her eyes getting watery due to her lack of sleep and desire to rest.

"would there be any change for us to..." he mumbled the rest of the sentence.

"Pardon me?" She arched an eyebrow and tucked some hair behind her ear to catch the last of the question. "What did you say?"

He took in a deep breath, "when I recover more... is there... any chance of us... getting... back together..." He turned really red faced.

Shiina's eyes grew wide. "Well...this is certainly a suprise." She cleared her throat and felt herself get very nervous as well. Was she ready to go through this again? "I'll...have to see what happens. I mean...this is so sudden." She suddenly felt more excited and suprised than tired now.

"when I recover... I don't want to jump in like last time right after a break up... that's what fucked it up before. I... I want this to work this time..." He said softly.

She smiled when she saw how Kyo was nervous himself at saying this and she felt more calm and relaxed. He seemed more serious at this topic then he had been so many years ago when the almost the exact same thing happened. She felt she could trust his wishes and seriousness now that they had been through a wrong turn once. "I want it to work too. We will see what we can do."

"I realized at that moment in the park... that was maybe the only time I was happy..." he said softly, finally looking at her.

She felt hers face getting hot when she heard this. She wanted more than anything for him to be happy. "I'm so glad, Kyo. I hope I can make you feel happy." She went over to him and hesitated on wrapper her arms around him and hugging him tightly.

Kyo ran his hands down her back, rubbing his hands gentally up and down. "I think this will work.."

"I hope it will..." She rested her head on his shoulder and sighed deeply, inhailing the sweet scent of his golden hair like before.
He smelled different but the feeling was the same- warm and real.

He gave her a soft kiss on the cheek, "you sound tired..." He closed his eyes smelling in her sweet smell.

She pulled back and nodded her head, turnung around to go to her bedroom. She still couldn't belive what just happened...she felt so excited and determined to make their relationship live agian.

"So umm..." Kyo shood up and shuffled from one foot to the other. "where's the guest room...?" he asked softly.

"OH yeah...umm..." She pinted to a bedroom door right beside her own and lead him into that dirsction, her hand clasped in his. "IT's right there. But if you need anything I'm just a few feet away."

"Okay...." He leaned in close and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. "you have a goodnight." He smiled, "Ringo will be suprised seeing that I'm here..."

Shiina was very suprised at the kiss and blushed slightly as excitment rushed through her. "You too...and yes, she will be thrilled." She bowed her head and went into her room swiftly, closing the door tightly and leaning against it dreamily. She smiled to her self and closed her eyes with glee.

Kyo went to his temporary room and tossed his bag on the bed closing the door softly. He was finally smiling and sighed happily.

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